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Bette Bennett Interior Design believes that design can support well-being for everybody by aligning with the non-profit charity Design Resources for Homelessness, to help ensure that unhoused persons can recover with the help of effective and supportive shelter and housing built environments. 

In the United States and Canada alone, there are an estimated 694,000 men, women and children without physical shelter on any given night. The loss of one’s home is among the the most significant crises of anyone’s life, and can contribute to higher rates of depression, poor health, and shortened lifespan. Design Resources for Homelessness provides free research-informed knowledge and design strategies to care organizations and the architecture + design community of practitioners and researchers, harnessing the power of design to help aid healing. Learn more at designresourcesforhomelessness.org.




Bringing care organizations and the A&D community together

The Design Resources for Homelessness international contact list reaches hundreds of advocacy organizations that operate supportive housing, day centers and shelters as well as architects and designers specifying products for the significant volume of supportive housing currently under construction-- as well as the 3000+ shelters in the United States alone. Its social media, blog, newsletters and website form a critical community of people dedicated to the homelessness and low-income institutional and housing sectors that can effect real change for people in crisis.