Private Decor Coaching

The Home of Your Dreams In Six Simple Steps


-Are You Ready To Get Serious About Finding Creative Solutions For Your Decorating Challenges?-

Do you feel overwhelmed by all the decorating choices and resources out there?

Do you find that all the inspiration websites like Houzz and Pinterest only cause you to feel more overwhelmed?

Do you constantly buy new pieces for your home but you are stuck on how to pull it all together?

Do you desire a home that reflects your style and personality but don't want to spend a fortune?

What You Need Is A Private Decor Coaching Session To Get You On The Right Track!

We provide you with clear and simple guidance.

We show you what to focus on to get the look you are after.

We provide you with a Decorating Action Plan to get you on track.

We provide you with styling tips to add personality.

We show you how to incorporate your family heirlooms and treasures with newer pieces.

You have face to face access with a designer at an affordable price.

Finally the beautiful, functional and comfortable space that you dreamed of can be a reality. With our Private Decor Coaching Session, we can help you prioritize what is really important to achieving your decorating goals, and give you an action plan that will take the overwhelm out, and bring the fun back in to styling your home.

You don't have to go it alone. We have already helped hundreds of clients create a home that reflects their style and personality; one that they can be proud of.


Are you ready to get started?

If you answer yes to any of the below scenarios then it's time to give us a call!

  • You have a bunch of blank walls or artwork hung too high

  • You have tons of ideas and images that inspire you but they only cause you to feel overwhelmed

  • You and your spouse can't seem to agree on decor direction, let alone the budget

  • You have family heirlooms and treasures that you have no idea how to mix with newer pieces

  • You are unsure of your decorating style

  • You think you can't have a beautiful and functional space with small kids

  • You just moved into a new home and have to make all your furniture work for that space

  • You buy new pieces of furniture that look great in the store, but they don't work in your home

  • You don't look forward to inviting people over

  • You feel stressed or anxious in your home

  • You know what you like, but unsure of how to pull it all together

  • Styling a bookcase or coffee table is a foreign concept to you

  • You are ready to enjoy your home, and feel calm when you come home from a long day

Here's How Our Private Decor Coaching Works

Thanks to technology, it is now possible to help more clients achieve the home of their dreams. With hundreds of clients already taking advantage of this great service, it is your turn to get started.

Laura is always eager to work with homeowners who are ready to create the home of their dreams.

Imagine what you can accomplish in your home with a Private Decor Coaching Session...

What is the cost of a Private Decor Coaching session?

$397 for the initial one hour session (Hourly Follow up sessions available at an additional cost).



Drop us a note and tell us a bit about your decorating challenge. We will respond within 24-48 business hours.


Book and pay for your one hour private decor session by clicking the book and pay link below. 


We will send you a questionnaire for more detailed information about your project. You will send us pictures of the spaces you would like to address.


We will connect via Zoom, Skype, Google Hangout, or Facetime where you will give us a quick tour of the spaces. We will share solutions and ideas and you can ask any questions you like.


Within 24-48 business hours we will send you an action plan based on what we discussed during your coaching session. We will include detailed notes, our go-to styling tips and resources and  a great direction to get you on the right track.


We will schedule a quick 15 minute session with you within 14 business days to check on your progress and to see if you have additional questions. Follow up may also be done via email if you prefer.

The one-on-one private decor coaching by Bette Bennett Interior Design is just what you need to get over the overwhelm and get your home to look and feel like you!

Imagine the progress you will make with your very own private decor coaching session.

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Want To Make This A Regular Thing?

Do you have an ongoing decorating or remodeling project?

Do You need several sessions to complete a whole home decorating project?

Great! We are happy to help!

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So what are you waiting for? Get started today, and learn how to tackle your decorating challenges with confidence