Kitchen & bath packages

Let us take the stress out of your remodel


Remodeling a kitchen and/or a bathroom can be overwhelming. There are tons of decisions to be made - the layout, the aesthetic, the function, and on and on. Sure, you can go to a big box store and they can help you with a layout in the hopes of selling to you from their very limited selections, or even a kitchen and bath showroom. But ask yourself, whose interest do they have at heart? 

The fact is, you need an interior designer with kitchen and bath experience to help you make the big decisions as well as the minute decisions that in the end will allow your new kitchen and bath to function for your needs.

The kitchen and bath are the two most valued, and complexed areas in any home, so you don't want to just leave it up to chance to get it right. You want to trust a team who has experience with planning, designing and implementing your project. A team who will get personal - insightful - like how you live, who does the cooking, what features are important, how much storage you need, what your style is, what materials would you like to see, how much maintenance are you willing to do, and so much more. Your kitchen and bath is created specifically for you, and your needs.

We also recognize that remodeling a kitchen and bath can be quite expensive. Sometimes it is an absolute need, that some folks may not be able to afford to bring in a designer from start to finish. Maybe you are a Do It Yourself type of person who is pretty hands on, and you just need a plan and some guidance to get the ball rolling. We believe that the best scenario is to have us do it all for you, but we also understand the need to save wherever you can.

This is why we created our Kitchen and Bath Packages. You now have the flexibility to choose one or more packages that work for your needs.

Where To Start

It all starts with an in home consultation for up to 2 hours, where we will focus on the kitchen and bathrooms that you want to have remodeled. We will talk about your needs and wants, your budget, your time frame and much more. We will suggest layouts, and ideas for materials. We will then discuss the scope of work that you would like us to do for you and whether you would like us to furnish a Fee Proposal for completing the entire project for you.

You may have gotten enough of a direction from the verbal suggestions at the consultation to confidently take on the project on your own, or you may want us to do a little bit more for you short of a full remodeling project where we manage everything from start to finish. 

These are the packages that you can purchase before or after the initial consultation. Prices DO NOT include the 2 hour consultation. If you are unsure what you need, simply schedule and pay for the consultation, and we can help you decide at the initial meeting.


The Packages

Choose the package(s) that's right for you.

Prices listed below are starting prices. Additional fees will be added for any requests outside of the scope and deliverables listed below.

If you don't see a package that suits your needs, we are happy to create a custom Fee Proposal for you.



Plan & Layout


Measure space

2D Floor plan

2D Elevations

Mechanical Plan

Tile backsplash layout


3D Renderings


Color 2D elevation renderings

2 Views of photorealistic renderings 

Additional views billed at $397 each


Material Selection



Project management


Cabinetry selection

Flooring selection

Countertop selection

Lighting, fixtures and hardware selection

Backsplash selection

Appliances Selection

Color palette

Detailed spec sheet

Up to 4 hours of design time total

Procurement of some materials and delivery coordination available. A separate Fee Proposal will be presented for approval for this service.


$1997 Per Ten Hours

Available only if we created the drawings & specifications

Purchase in increments of 10 hours

Site visits

Verify materials and layouts

Weekly reports about site conditions


finishing touches


Accessorizing and styling

Shopping not included. 

Purchase a 4 hour time block for shopping if needed. See the "Hourly Add-On package" below




Select and present furnishings for an adjoining room like a breakfast room, dining room, bedroom or living room

Furniture pieces not included

Procurement and management  

Installation and styling


Hourly Add Ons


Purchase additional hourly time to be added to any package chosen above.


window covering


One hour consultation to discuss window covering needs if that is decided later down the line.

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