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Design for Homelessness

More than 500,000 Americans are homeless during any given night of the year, and the number is far greater worldwide. Homelessness is a significant threat to productivity, self-esteem, child wellness, and the human spirit. Built environments where people who have experienced homelessness live, learn and heal are an important, contributory part of recovery from this crisis.

In this time of persistent debilitating homelessness, and also the growing realization that new approaches to affordable housing are beneficial such as the housing first model of care, is time to gather forces and bring perspectives together that can benefit the future for persons in crisis, and by extension, human society.

We are proud to partner with Design for Homelessness and make our firm a piece of the solution.



  • KFA, LLP    

  • Jamal El Yousef

  • Beau Frail

  • Dan Recht and Elaine Selsberg

  • Everyone who participated in our WhichWich sandwich event!

  • Other kind individuals who prefer to remain anonymous

Through their support, this free resource can continue to offer and expand its content knowledge without charge to architects and interior designers, researchers, students and policy makers.

Please join us! Your donations help us reach our goals to help inform the renovation and design of future built environments serving people who are homeless. 

You can make your fast and easy donation here.  


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