How To Prepare For A Remodel


Remodeling your home is much like building new - only you get to live in the mess as it happens. Yes, there will be dust, but you will also have the benefit of watching a new version of your home unfold before your eyes.

Thousands of decisions must be made before and during a remodel. While this is nowhere near a comprehensive guide to your pre-remodel strategy, it covers the three main pieces that are most crucial to a successful remodel.

Believe it or not, these three elements are also the most forgotten, and that is why we've chosen to focus on them.

Whether remodeling an existing footprint, adding an addition - or both - you must start with the end in mind. As you ponder your ideal remodel, keep in mind that functionality is key, from traffic patterns through the kitchen and living areas to the usability of each room.

Don't remodel merely to gain more square footage. Remodel to increase your home's function, use, and accessibility. Not only will your future self be grateful, but so will any future homeowners (as will your wallet when your home sale pays you back several fold).

If you feel overwhelmed, please keep in mind that we offer this service to our clients.

Finding the right company to demo, prep, and remodel your home is no simple task. We suggest you start by asking for referrals from friends or family members who have recently had their homes remodeled. If nothing else, do an online search for remodeling contractors in your area and thoroughly inspect their portfolio images and reviews.

If a contractor catches your eye, ask them for two or three referrals to past clients. Be sure to ask those referral sources about the contractor's timeliness, professionalism, and ability to problem solve.

Contrary to popular opinion, time and money are not the most important pieces to consider when choosing a contractor, but accuracy and integrity most certainly are.

Don't sign any contracts, work orders, or installation agreements until you've read every word. While it is rare for a vendor to sneak in a clause or two that would hurt your project, homeowners are often caught off guard if their project goes south and they discover that they are responsible for much more than they had planned.

Never assume that a contract or agreement is in your best interest. Keep a paper trail and don't move forward based on verbal agreements.

As an interior design firm, a large part of our service is acting as a liaison between the contractor and the homeowner. We can help you navigate the paperwork, timelines, budgets, and back orders with practiced ease.


Our Design Approach

In the past, remodeling meant taking down walls. Today, it can also mean adding a wall to create more privacy or definition in your space. Not every home needs to feel like a cavern.

We believe interior design and remodeling are guided by...

1) How you'll use your home

2) How you want to feel in your home

3) Who else lives in your home (pets, children, elderly relatives, etc.)

4) Your personal style preferences

We design around you, not around trends, and we work within the parameters of your budget from day one. We have a knack for helping you decide where to spend your hard earned money during a remodel for maximum impact.


About Our Methodology

We believe interior design is as much about psychology and ergonomics as it is about creating beauty. As we all know, everyone defines beauty differently. During your project, we are entirely focused on what you define as a beautiful home.


If you want a beautiful home but are unsure of the process...

If you have a vision but need to stay within a specific budget...

If you are ready to transform your personal life through changing your environment...

Let's talk.

Hope to hear from you soon!